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Awarded Commendation as Innovative Software Company


Innovation ASEAN
Business Award 2008


ASIA Pacific ICT Alliance
Awards 2009
Industrial Application


Thailand ICT Award 2009

The company's vision Sense Info Tech Strive for business group, information technology, the most initiative on something new. And do all the way to the information technology, which provides the best customers.

About us

'Software Development and Maintenance'
Only Knowledge People Work Here

Sense Info Tech is a software oriented company providing services you can trust of the renowned world class platform. Our research & development team is one of the best technology provider and consulting services. Our enterprise solutions focused on collaborative workflow processes and environmental saving.

Anytime you are facing organizational problems, Sense Info Tech can be your trusted advisor for at least 4 major functions;

  • 1. The best IT software

    technology for Knowledge Management, Information Management and Data Management.

  • 2. Software research

    and development to fit your demands at a reasonable budget.

  • 3. Strategic solutions

    for decisions support and the Green IT.

  • 4. Consulting services

    on KM System, IT Architect, Project Management and Business Process Management.


Major customers
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Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
MWA is a Thai state enterprise under the Ministry of Interior. The MWA began operations on 16 August 1967 under the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority Act B.E. 1967 to serve potable water to Bangkok, Nonthaburi Province, and Samut Prakan Province.
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Provincial Waterworks Authority
The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) is a Thai state enterprise under the Ministry of Interior. The PWA is responsible for the production and distribution of potable water that meets WHO standards to 74 provinces throughout Thailand.
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Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority
PPWSA is committed to the sustainable development of its potable water supply services, as well as providing services as a consultant and facilitator in order to ensure people in the other cities and provinces of Cambodia have access to potable water.
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Metropolitan Cebu Water District
MCWD envisions itself to be a progressive and economically viable utility firm that provides adequate, safe, potable and affordable water and an effective sewerage system for Metro Cebu.
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The Customs Department
An excellent Customs service to achieve sustainable development of Thailand economy and global trade connectivity.

Products & Services

Sense Info Tech is a solution for “Water Leakage Management”. It is designed to improve monitoring, dispatching and making decision to ensure fixing problems at the right time and the right place. Let’s take a look at functions and features of this unveiled software technology.
There are eight modules available at the moment;

The company's mission Sense Info Tech Commitment to a strong business information technology.
Able to meet the needs of customers with a comprehensive range of IT services to international quality standards in order to achieve a good and fair to customers, shareholders, employees and society.


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